We have a team of ranging from architects to builders who can build house extensions, lofts and  the services being provided in the building for the people who work in that building; many residential properties do fall into the category of multiple Occupancy like Apartment Blocks and  Housing Association house and single houses which may be HMO’s.

In consequence skills to maintain the property are required to keep that property in a professional, safe, manner meeting statute laws on multiple occupancy buildings. The fines are tough for falling foul of tough Government measures in the maintenance of a building for the occupants safety at all times.

Many Landlordsdecide that they cannot cope with all the skills so required, and the volumeof maintenance efforts required on many properties, so they contract their property maintenance out to Creative Property Maintenance Limited to achieve a stress free professional service at acost effective expenditure.

Nothing is beyond our company efforts to provide our clients with exactly the service they require. We believe in recommendations to enhance our business profile.

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